About Us

Full flavour cooking inspired by Africa and beyond

Africa is not only the birthplace of humanity but the origin and inspiration behind some of the worlds favourite foods. Southern American, Caribbean, Brazilian, Creole, Soul food etc would not exist without the influence and skills of the slaves that were brought from West Africa.
Then there is the cultural melting pot of the colonial era, the original fusion cooking. The Portuguese of Mozambique (who gave us Piri Piri) or the Indians in Durban and the Cape Malay who each have evolved unique cuisines of their own.
Exotic spices were traded in places Timbuktu and Zanzibar for centuries so have been used to make distinctive food all over North Africa we have grown to love like Shwarmas, Tagines, Afra Lamb , Couscous etc

Cape to Cairo is a family run restaurant… but we are a big family (just to visit the siblings and in-laws involves travelling to 4 continents and 8 countries .. and then there are the cousins too!!!). We have lived and travelled (and therefore enjoyed some of the tastiest food) all around Africa and beyond… so we have brought together some of the most delicious we have discovered and loved alongside some family recipes…

So come explore our menu….. you can choose something like

Sister Hawa’s Chicken Yassa and Plantain, Uncle Moses Eggplant and beef Stew or Aunty Misty’s American Breakfast.

Maybe you fancy Bunny Chow (rich Durban Curry served inside hollowed out bread) or a bean chakalaka with sadza.

Don’t worry we have not ignored our Northumbrian roots so happy to serve some more familiar home-cooked favourites and we have plenty for vegan and vegetarians too.

We know it is an eclectic mix of dishes but it is all guaranteed to be home cooked and full of flavour.

We have upcylced and recycled to create an unusual and interesting place where we want everyone feel welcome and enjoy.

Hope to see you soon.